ITG2 – Rebirth & Custom Song Pack

If you are still unaware, the Rebirth song pack will be available for use during the Xtreme Tech competition.

There will also be a Custom Song pack that will be available in the ITG2 Xtreme Competition to choose from. You can download the pack here:

The songs are as follows:

9: Mr. Dinosaur (VivalaMoo), Endorphin Machine (VivalaMoo), Animals (SJES!!)

10: Terminal Depository (Gradius IV), Monkey Fingers 2 (Gradius IV), Tricky Disco (SJES!!)

11: Z (Soul), End of the Moonlight (VivalaMoo), Manhattan Sports Club (NWFL.Bumm), Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (SJES!!)

12: Love is a Danger Zone (Gradius IV), Faster Z (Gradius IV), Go Go Go Power Rangers! (SJES!!)

13: Animate-Inanimate (Soul), Revolution Deathsquad (Gradius IV)

Note: Disconnected ~Sanxion7 Remix~ has been removed.

Happy Practicing!

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