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Tallahassee Summer Beatdown Tournament – Sat 7/9/11

On a random whim, I, along with Joshua Jarbo (Jarbonicus), traveled to Tallahassee, FL to attend the fighting game tournament located at a LAN center called Gamescape in the Tallahassee Mall. As we arrived, we were surprised to see a large-sized location with multiple monitors, consoles, and other types of gaming such as tabletop games, board games, and such. Took lots of photos to show off.

Walking up to the tournament area, we were welcomed by the Tallahassee players. I was happy to meet GuileMike and 3S, who wants to grow the fighting game community in their area. The tournament was for SSF4: Arcade Edition, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Mortal Kombat for the Xbox 360. The venue was $2 with a $10 tournament fee for each game. There were about 40-50 players total.

I only went 1-2, in which my only victory was a T. Hawk mirror match against a guy named Steve, which was tons of fun to play! My 2 losses came from a very solid Akuma player (Petey) and a horrible Dhalsim matchup (Logan).

Jarbonicus actually did very well going 3-2 and finishing 5th out of 24 players. He got taken down by a throw-happy, but an amazing Cammy (Geoff the Hero) and another player I cannot remember (to be edited).

Given the awesome location of the tournament, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the staff was very fond of us. I love to see a venue support the tournaments that they allow. They didn’t seem to do so. Won’t go into details, but I hope to see Tallahassee hold more tournaments in the near future.

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