Quick FYI Before SURGE

I know everyone’s excited and ready for this weekend to come! I definitely am! But before we get down with it, there are few things you will need to know in regards to the venue and the event. Bulleted for your convenience!

  • Walk-In Registration ends on Friday at 5:00PM. Doors open on Friday 12pm, Sat 10am, and Sun 10am. If you are entering any of the main events, you will need to pay the venue fee of $30 and $10 for each game you will be entering. If you are not entering a main tournament, the spectator fee will be $10. These fees cover the entire weekend for all 3 days. The registration table will be located at the venue entrance. You will receive a Project Storm: SURGE badge. Please keep this badge on you at all times for re-entry.
  • T-Shirts will be on sale for $15. (Shirt Design) We have 100 shirts total. 62 are black, 38 are purple. They will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. A few have been pre-ordered. No more pre-orders will be taken. They will be sold at the registration table at the venue entrance.
  • Raffle Tickets will be on sale for $1 each. We have close to 30 prizes to give away on Friday & Saturday. We will be selling them throughout both days at the registration table. Some of the prizes include $10/$20 gift cards to Target/Walmart, Xbox 360/PS3 video games, Class Clowns apparel, DVD sets, and more.
  • If you are called for a match and you are not there timely, you WILL be disqualified. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. If you are in multiple tournaments or need to step out, please let the tournament organizer (TO) know. This way, they will know to skip you and/or get in communication with someone that has a radio to find you.
  • Do NOT leave your stuff laying around unattended. If you are bringing consoles, games, or controllers for use, please grab a piece of masking tape at the registration table and put your name on everything. We would like to believe that everyone in our community is trustworthy, but sometimes that is not the case (i.e. Jebailey’s iPhone). Other times, sometimes people accidently take things do not belong to them. I would like to make sure everyone comes and leaves with the same belongings. 
  • No outside food or drink in the venue rooms. A water station will be provided in the rooms. If you get outside food, please eat around the pool area or anywhere outside of the venue rooms. The hotel does provide a seafood and steak restaurant in case anyone would like to indulge.
  • If you call me, I may not pickup. I will be running around for all 3 days doing who knows what. I will be very busy and I expect my phone to be ringing continuously. I will not have time to answer each and every call. If you have a question and I’m not in your vicinity, try to ask another first before contacting me. Otherwise, I will answer when I can.
  • Please SHOWER and DEODORIZE!This is funny, yes. You smelling bad is not. Take this seriously and do not add to the stereotype of the gamer smell. 
  • Be friendly and have a good time!
If you have any other questions regarding general information about the venue or tournaments, please feel free to contact me on my Facebook (, Twitter (@StormUnity), or email (suptyger at See you guys in a few days!

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