Tyger, what is there to do at Project Storm?!

I’m glad you asked.

Of course, there will be dance game and fighting game tournaments taking place during the entire weekend. But for those who get knocked out early or those spectating, there will still be many things for you to do. Here’s a little list for you:

  • Side Tournaments – There will be few tournaments on the side that ANYONE will have the opportunity to join.  Games will consist of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Mario Kart 64, Mario Party, Mario Kart 7 (yes, BRING YOUR 3DS!), and Super Smash Bros. Those are just a few. An Xtreme Challenge competition will take place on Dance Dance Revolution for those familiar with that.More may take place as people bring their consoles and games to play during the weekend.
  • Photo Booth – Ben Whitlock of B. Whitlock Photography will be attendance to take some FREE photographs for anyone who would like be shot at! There will be a nice, large black backboard with Project Storm: SURGE logos on them. Everyone will be REQUIRED to sign it with the provided Sharpie marker. USE THIS!
  • Group Photo – At 5:00PM on Saturday, we will follow tradition and gather everyone together for the Project Storm group photo!
  • Raffle with Prizes! – We will be selling $1 raffle tickets through Friday and Saturday. We currently have a total of 25 prizes to give away ranging from Target Giftcards to Xbox 360/PS3 Video Games to DVD sets and more! Class Clowns Clothing will be providing a free shirt to giveaway as well!
  • Mario Party IRL! – What does this mean? Guess you will have to find out. 😉
  • NINJA – I put this here because I know this will happen. Open your mind and loosen yourself up for this. This requires over 20 people standing in a circle. NO LESS THAN 20 DAMN IT!
  • Why Not Bar/Lounge – Did you know that we will be next door to liquor bar and lounge? Happy Hour from 4-7pm. Comedy Show from 7-9pm with $5/$10 cover. Live Band/DJ from 10pm to close. Oh yes, all you individuals 21 and up can enjoy some special drinks created for Project Storm! Try the Low Tyger Shot, the High Tyger Shot, or the Storm Fourrr! Just please watch yourself oryou may get RANDOM Ultra’d. They call that Tyger Destruction.
  • Pool (Waterfall) – A little heated about your loss in your tournament match? Come cool down in the pool. Play in the waterfall. Oh, a waterfall… WATERFALLLL? Who cares if it’s 60 degrees? LOL.
  • Your Friends! – Project Storm has not only been about gaming tournaments, but also about meeting new people and reunifying those from different cities around the nation. We have been a strong community since 2003! We’ve got each other! Sharing the laughter and love. Hmm, is that from a theme song or something? This is what DDR Storm, Project Storm, Storm Gaming League, and Storm Unity has been all about.

Those are just a few things. There will be much more in store! Looking forward to see you all there!


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