Calm Before the Storm: Your FYI to FUSION

It’s been a hectic journey into getting this tournament where it is. I’m very excited to finally be able to bring this tournament to you guys again. I hope those of you who plan to attend have the time of your lives! My focus on these STORM events is to make sure you enjoy yourselves. So before we get this weekend started, let’s run down on some last minute things.

  • I need help. Lots of it. If you are willing and able to ASSIST ME with running tournaments or sitting at registration, please let me know. Also, I still need a few more monitors, consoles, and games if you are able to provide ANYTHING. And I seriously mean ANYTHING. I have people bringing retro gaming systems, tube TVs, etc. Anything to make the event more fun, I’m up for it!
  • Online Registration closes tonight (8/30/12) at 11:59PM. If you want to get that last minute online payment in with your credit card or Paypal, go to to do it!
  • Registration will be open ALL WEEKEND. In response to many that will be arriving late and have not registered, I’m going to go ahead and open registration throughout the weekend. Just make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before the event you are planning on entering.

  • Venue fee was lowered from $30 to $25. If you are entering any of the main tournaments, you will need to pay the venue fee of $25 and $10 for each game you will be entering. If you are not entering a main tournament, you only need to pay the spectator fee which is $10. These fees cover the entire weekend for all 3 days. The registration table will be located at the venue entrance. You will receive a wristband for re-entry. (If badges are located, you will receive a FUSION badge instead of these crappy wristbands, ugh.)
  • T-Shirts will be on sale for $15. (Shirt Design) We have 100 shirts total. All black!  They will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. A few have been pre-ordered. No more pre-orders will be taken. They will be sold at the registration table at the venue entrance.
  • If you are called for a match and you are not there timely, you WILL be disqualified. There are always exception, but this rule is very FIRM. If you are in multiple tournaments or need to step out, please let the tournament organizer (TO) know. This way, they will know to skip you and/or get in communication with someone that can find you.

  • If you have a disagreement with the staff in regards to a tournament, please find me immediately If you have an issue before the match is played, do not play the match until this issue is resolved. If you have a disagreement in the middle of a tournament match, finish the round and then let the staff (or me) know immediately. If you interrupt the match because you have a dispute, there is a chance you will forfeit the round if there is no foul play.
  • Do NOT leave your stuff laying around unattended. If you are bringing consoles, games, or controllers for use, please grab a piece of masking tape at the registration table and put your name on everything. We would like to believe that everyone in our community is trustworthy, but sometimes that is not the case. Other times, sometimes people accidently take things do not belong to them. I would like to make sure everyone comes and leaves with the same belongings.
  • No outside food or drink in the venue rooms. Yes, this includes alcohol.  There is new management at this hotel and they are not cool with drinking in the venue room, as we did last time. A water station will be provided in the rooms. If you get outside food, please eat around the pool area or anywhere outside of the venue rooms. The hotel does provide a seafood and steak restaurant in case anyone would like to indulge.
  • If you call me, I probably will not pickup. I will be running around for all 3 days doing who knows what. I will be very busy and I expect my phone to be ringing continuously. I will not have time to answer each and every call. If you have a question and I’m not in your vicinity, try to ask another first before contacting me. Otherwise, the best way to contact me is by finding me or through text message (if I even have time for that).
  • SHOWER. DEODORANT. EVERY DAY. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.So we know that the dance game room is going to smell. The main room wasn’t a problem last year. But, we can keep this to a bare minimum if you do your part. Wash yourselves. Deodorize your junk. Thank you in advance. 🙂
  • Be friendly and have a good time!
If you have any other questions regarding general information about the venue or tournaments, please feel free to contact me on my Facebook (, Twitter (@StormUnity), or text message me at 904-207-8561.
See you guys this weekend!

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