Open Letter to All – Project Storm: FUSION

Here we are again! Another Project Storm tournament has come to a close this past weekend. We had over 200 attendees from all over Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and even one from New York City! Here comes the big thank you paragraph:

Thanks so much to Joshua Gersch, Ryan Beckman, and Amanda Roth for taking care of (or guarding) the registration table. Thanks to Steven Lo, Anthony Perfetti, Will Dorsch, and Joe Ledesma for being the main organizers for the dance games. Thanks to Mike at SEGC, Antonio Del Valle, Geoff the Hero, Jerome Tompkins, Cary Cruz, and Eric Alpizar for running some of the fighting game events. A huge thanks to Darrin & Kathleen O’Brady for continuing the Mario Party IRL tradition! Thanks again to Hudson Felker, James Albright, and Chris Wingard for providing the dance machines to use for the tournaments. Thanks to Raine Havoc, Steve Rosa, Tim Vermeulen, Anthony Conner, Will Dorsch, Anthony Perfetti, Brett Beatty, Hudson Felker, James Albright and Fabian Thompson for assisting with the transportation of the dance machines. Thank you to Charlene Valerio for the wonderful shirt designs and logos! Thanks to Alex Jebailey, Cary Cruz, Antonio Del Valle, Joshua Fonseca, Tim Vermeulen, Brandon Lange, Ben Reed, and any others that provided equipment for the tournament events. Thank you to Ben Whitlock ( for the photobooth setup and group photo! Thanks to John Meisburg for continuing with the Storm Roll Call tradition! A huge thanks to anyone else I missed that provided their assistance! Once again, I emphasize that this was no one-man show and without the help of all of you, Project Storm would not be possible.

When it comes to these events, I’m always excited to setup and organize them. Coming down to those final weeks, things start to get more stressful. People start to cancel their attendance, some begin to voice their concerns about rules and/or prices, others ask to make changes to the schedule in order to accommodate better… I can’t please everyone. That’s one of the main things I’ve learned not from organizing events, but from life in general. So, it is my job to figure out the best decisions to make for everyone associated with Storm, and also for myself.

Project Storm is NOT a major. At least, it’s not a major in what people would define as one. One thing I do know is that this event has a major impact on those who have associated themselves with Storm events since 2003. Even those who are newer to the Storm community express their love for Storm events. When I have people come up to me saying that this is their favorite tournament out of all events they’ve attended, it means I’m doing something right. It is very easy to get discouraged from 2-3 individuals even when you are backed by 200-300 people. Criticism will always be there. The trick is to not let it bring you down. On the other hand, I’m not one to completely dismiss criticism. If there are ways to improve Storm events, I’m always up for ANY suggestions.

Some of you heard that I would no longer be hosting another Project Storm event at the Howard Johnson in Altamonte Springs. That may or may not be true. I received an amazing deal for these last 2 events of mine, but I will no longer have that discount. Basically, I will be charged double if I am to have another event. There are no hard feelings toward them, as they have been very helpful, understanding, and supportive. So, with that known, it was easy to say that I didn’t want to host another tournament there. But honestly, their normal rate is still a good rate for what they provide, it just may not be as affordable as I’d like.

So, the future of Project Storm is unknown at the moment. But what I am looking at are new venue locations, possibly changing the tournament from 3-day to 2-day, charging venue fee for single day entrance (along with a 3-day pass), adding more non-tournament events, and more.

Aside from Project Storm, I will continue to organize Storm Underground in Jacksonville Florida, which are 1-day tournaments for the fighting game community. I have 1-2 tournaments lined up before 2013. I will also be preparing to give DDR Storm another chance to shine sometime in 2013.

In regards to the event, I felt that everything ran VERY smoothly and there were not many issues. All 3 dance machines being inside the separate room worked out amazingly! Stream had no problems aside from a few lag issues. Yes, I need new microphone cords, I know. The photobooth was amazing as always! Mario Party 2 IRL… You guys obviously LOVE it and we need to make sure this happens at every Project Storm!

I do feel that the side tournaments need to be better arranged. I will have some guidelines in the future for those who want to run these events. Some events ‘promised’ did not take place, which was a disappointment for some.

This is my open letter to you all. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments in regards to Project Storm: FUSION or anything upcoming, please feel free to contact me on Facebook ( or Twitter (@StormUnity / @tygerstyle). Once again, thanks to everyone who attended, helped, and supported. Til next time…


P.S. No TL;DR this time. Read bitches! <3

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