Thank YOU for helping us raise $1,250 to Child’s Play Charity!

Our 24HR Mega Man Marathon has ended as of 6PM ET on Sunday, February 17th. We had a BLAST providing our blood, sweat, and tears getting through all 10 original Mega Man games. Thanks to you and your donations, we raised a total of $1,250 for Child’s Play Charity!

I would like to thank all of the players who attended to help get us through these games:

  • Darrin O’Brady (Beat 1-4), Kevin Fields (Beat 5), Joshua Campbell (Beat 6, 8), Geoff the Hero (Beat 7), Joshuwa Ransom (Beat 9), Sterling (Beat 10), Steve Rosa (#SteveMightDie), Xavier Bariuan, Allan Bagalacsa, Chris Martin, James Holloway, P_wings (For all the gameplay tips!)

I would also like to thank all of the sponsors who provided prizes for our raffle:

Here are the list of raffle winners:

  • Aaron Kettle – GAAM Mega Man Artwork
  • Matthew Congreve – GAAM Mega Man Artwork
  • Joshuwa Ransom – EB5K Megagirls Artwork
  • Kelvin Coolidge – Mega Man Beadsprites
  • Matt Nguyen – Mega Man Beadsprites
  • Timothy Vermeulen – Mega Man Beadsprites
  • Donald Michaels – Drawp T-Shirt
  • Matthew Ogg – Drawp T-Shirt
  • Mark Caldwell – Mega Man Product Catalog
  • Ryan Mullan – Mega Man Helmet Fleece
  • Jasper Camacho – Custom Gutsdozer Figure
  • Bob Hood – Storm Unity T-Shirt
  • Weff Jebster – Storm Unity T-Shirt

As stated at the closing of the marathon, I hope that I can put on another 24HR Marathon for you guys in the future. I know that those who attended had an amazing time, those who watched the stream enjoyed what they saw (and heard, lol), and I would love to put on another show for you guys.

So Mega Man X Marathon? Stay tuned! 😉

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