DDR Storm Raffle Prizes

Keep Calm

We will be having a raffle at DDR Storm: 10th Anniversary on Saturday night!

Here are the potential prizes to win:

  • Custom ITG Towels from SHIRTPIGGYPIG
  • Custom Disney X Street Fighter Artwork Poster from Mochi’s Sketchbook
  • Discount Voucher from Macky Designs
  • Swag from Dancemart
  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • $25 Best Buy Gift Card
  • $20 Chili’s Gift Card
  • $20 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card
  • Ubisoft Frag Dolls T-Shirt
  • Storm Unity T-Shirt
  • Random Video Games
  • Random Posters
  • and lots more!

All raffle tickets will be $1 each. Thanks for your support!

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