Stay Calm Before the Storm: FYI


HOLY MOLY! How did it ever come to this?

First thing I want to say is that this tournament would absolutely not be possible if it weren’t for you guys’ support and cooperation. I gave up on DDR Storm a few years only to try and give it one last try with this 10th Anniversary event. Since the beginning of planning, I’ve received nothing but people wanting to lend a hand where ever they can and responses of excitement. And that’s one reason I continue to do this: to bring excitement to people’s lives.

So before we get this weekend started, let’s run down on some last minute things.

  • SHOWER AND DEODORIZE. THIS IS TOP PRIORITY! –No, AXE alone won’t work. No, skipping a day of showering after playing a dance game isn’t going to be OK. Forgot your deodorant? Please buy at Publix across the street. Being that this is a dance game tournament, the smell can be a potential issue. We can keep this issue to a bare minimum if you do your part. Some people take this jokingly, but I am VERY SERIOUS. Wash yourselves. Deodorize your junk. Thank you in advance. 🙂
  • I need help. I still need a few individuals that could help with registration, bracket runners, and cleanup for closing. I can never have too much help. If you are willing to help in anyway possible, please come up to me and ask.
  • Online Registration closes tonight (5/1/13) at 11:59PM. It’s also the last day for the $25 ALL ACCESS PASS. It will be $30 at the event. If you want to get that last minute online payment in with your credit card or Paypal, go to to do it!
  • We do not have room for additional equipment unless I’ve approved it in advance. I know everyone is excited and wants to bring every console they own to use in the ballroom. But unfortunately, don’t assume that we have plenty of room. Almost all space is accounted for. If you have anything you want to bring for use in the ballroom, please contact me before assuming it will be OK.
  • DDR Storm Merchandise are as follows:
    • DDR Storm 10th Anniversary Shirts (Shirt Design): $15 (S-XL), $18 (2XL and up)
    • DDR Storm 10th Anniversary Drawstring Bag, Metal Dogtag, and Posters: $5 each OR all three for $10
    • Storm Unity “Keep Calm” Shirts (Shirt Design): $12 (S-XL), $15 (2XL and up)
    • Project Storm T-Shirts: $5
    • Raffle Tickets: $1 (Raffle at 6:30pm ET)
  • The Group Photo and Raffle will take place on Saturday at approximately 6:30pm ET. During this time, it will be encouraged that EVERYONE gather in an area for the photo. Following the photo, I will be giving away multiple raffle prizes. A list of prizes can be found here. Raffle tickets will be sold for $1.
  • If you have a disagreement with the staff in regards to a tournament, please find me immediately. If you have an issue before the match is played, do not play the match until this issue is resolved. If you have a disagreement in the middle of a tournament match, finish the round and then let the staff (or me) know immediately. If you interrupt the match because you have a dispute, there is a chance you will forfeit the round if there is no foul play.
  • Do NOT leave your stuff laying around unattended. If you are bringing consoles, games, or controllers for use, please grab a piece of masking tape at the registration table and put your name on everything. We would like to believe that everyone in our community is trustworthy, but sometimes that is not the case. Other times, sometimes people accidentally take things do not belong to them. I would like to make sure everyone comes and leaves with the same belongings.
  • No outside food in the venue rooms. Please be respectful to the venue providing us with this amazing location and not bring any outside food into the ballroom. Water stations will be provided. Hotel will be selling food products like hamburgers and hotdogs for a decent price. Bottled drinks should be okay. Do not bring any of your own alcohol into the ballroom. There will be alcoholic beverages sold in the ballroom from the cash bar!
  • Did you say alcohol will be available in the ballroom?! You got it dude. Just please bring CASH for purchasing. And please DO NOT ruin it with underage drinking or bringing your own alcohol into the ballroom.
  • If you try calling me on Friday evening or Saturday, I probably will not pickup. I will be running around for all 3 days doing who knows what. I will be very busy and I expect my phone to be ringing continuously. I will not have time to answer each and every call. If you have a question and I’m not in your vicinity, try to ask another first before contacting me. Otherwise, the best way to contact me is by finding me or through text message (if I even have time for that).
  • If you have any questions that haven’t been addressed, please check the DDR Storm FAQ first!
  • Be friendly and have a good time!
If you have any other questions regarding general information about the venue or tournaments, please feel free to contact me on my Facebook (, Twitter (@StormUnity), or text message me at 904-207-8561.
See you guys this weekend!

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