The Jacksonville Community heads to #CEO2013!


Members of the Jacksonville Fighting Game Community are getting ready to attend the largest gaming event in the Southeastern US. CEO 2013 is an annual fighting game championship tournament hosted by Alex Jebailey (@CEOJebailey). Considered to be Florida’s EVO, this event is set to draw over 1,500 players from around the world to compete determining the top players for fighting games such as Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Large tournaments, such as CEO 2013, are what keeps fighting game players practicing on a daily basis to prove their worth in an official competition. CEO 2013 will be broadcasted around the world to thousands of viewers through channels: Capcom Fighters, FunkyP and CEO Gaming.

47 Players are confirmed to attend which include:

  • Alan Aure / Aftermidnight (AE)
  • Albert Salazar / 904WingsNFries (UMVC3)
  • Anjelica Williams / ThunderTits¬† (TTT2)
  • Antonio Del Valle / HnH RS Huggybear (AE, DK, P4A)
  • Cary Cruz / Setsuna <3 (P4A)
  • Charles Nuzum / Sjinzero (INJ, TTT2)
  • Chris Guevara / Locate (UMVC3, P4A)
  • Clayton Smith / Fmh Clay (INJ)
  • Dan Anderson / Legion47 (INJ)
  • Daniel Lomas / NHK
  • Dean Khim / WhoooDEANy (UMVC3)
  • Gene Fulgham / MonoXide (TTT2)
  • Hung Hoang / Zero Ender (AE, SCV)
  • Jamaal Bushara / RomRPG (P4A)
  • JaVon Franklin / BlazeUrSoul (UMVC3)
  • JD Angerson / Jaydmu (UMVC3)
  • Jei Torres / BeastSPL (AE)
  • Jeremy Jones / Dingo (AE, UMVC3)
  • Jim Orr / Private J0k3r (INJ, AE)
  • John Collier / Brody061 (AE, UMVC3)
  • Joshua Campbell / SU Tyger (AE, DK)
  • Julian Feliciano / Timdog the UnderDog (UMVC3, DK, SG)
  • Justin Williams / RockSteady (INJ)
  • Konstantin Ryabov / Kostya (TTT2)
  • Landon Barrow / Ohsnapzdawg (TTT2)
  • Levi O’Rear / Reflex (TTT2)
  • Luke Holt / Lukenessmonster (AE, INJ)
  • Mark Martinez / Daniel Coke (UMVC3, P4A)
  • Matthew Smith / Smitty (SCV)
  • Michael Crespo / C88 OBS Mezmerize (INJ)
  • Nick Bryan / NickBad (UMVC3)
  • Raksmy Say / SpaceJam Raks (UMVC3)
  • Rey Escanio / KingRey (INJ, TTT2, MK)
  • Rey Escanio / KingReyJr (DK, TTT2)
  • Robert Oriol / RTKO (UMVC3)
  • Ryan Padgett / RAWR. (UMVC3)
  • Sherrick Walker / NFI A$AP RICKY (UMVC3)
  • Sida Chet / Se3Duhh (UMVC3, TTT2)
  • Sonny Morrison / Remy Morrison (AE)
  • Steve Kelley / Vulcano Ru5so
  • Thanh Dang / JellySlosh (UMVC3)
  • Timothy Vermeulen / Get The Biz (AE, UMVC3, SFxT)
  • Tom Nguyen / BootyJuice (UMVC3)
  • William Lui / yo_light (UMVC3)
  • Willie Glover / Trey (AE, INJ)
  • Willie Hall / Swift (TTT2)
  • Xavier Bariuan / DSI Arsenio Delfino (AE, UMVC3)

Player pool assignments can be viewed at The full tournament schedule can be viewed at

As the weekend progresses, I hope to provide some highlights, videos, and interviews from players in the Jacksonville area. You can follow me LIVE through the Storm Unity’s Twitter account (@StormUnity).

See you there!

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