CEO Gaming and Drawp providing apparel for the MMX Charity Marathon!


Thanks to both, CEO Gaming and Drawp, for being contributors to the Mega Man X Charity Marathon!

CEO Gaming Inc is an organization founded by Alex Jebailey based in Orlando, FL.  They are mostly known for one of the largest fighting game tournaments in the US, named CEO (Community Effort Orlando). They also host other seasonal gaming events in the state of Florida to support the local fighting game community (FGC). Alex has a weekly series on Twitch.TV called The JeDaily Show to discuss current events in the FGC.

Drawp is a LITERAL, PARTIAL, PANOPTICON of gaming knowledge with marginal influence founded by Gareth Bafaty. Focused on his amazing memory and his luck to be born within the perfect gaming generation, Drawp gives strong opinions on video gaming and discusses various gaming nostalgia. Gareth streams on an occasional basis through Twitch.TV on his channel called DrawpShow. He also sells t-shirts too!

Both organizations will be donating T-shirts to the Mega Man X Marathon Raffle!

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