Megaran gives his support to the MMX Marathon!


It’s an honor to have Megaran support the Mega Man X Charity Marathon!

Megaran is a hip-hop artist and producer who also goes by the name, Random Beats. He’s noted for releasing his Mega Man tribute album, Mega Ran. This album led to a licensing agreement with video game distributor Capcom around 2007. Since then, he has released multiple albums referencing other video games such as Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Metroid, and Chrono Trigger. He will be featured on an upcoming Mega Man 25th Anniversary album along with The Protomen, The Megas, and more. This album will be released next month through iTunes.

I was very happy to conduct my first interview EVER with Megaran himself while he stopped in Jacksonville for his tour:

He will be providing some of his albums as prizes for the MMX Charity Raffle!

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