Roadstown Crafts supports us again for the MMX Marathon!


We would like to give our thanks to The Roadstown Crafts for supporting the Mega Man X Charity Marathon!

The Roadstown Crafts is a one-man fabrication operation from the devilish wilderness of New Jersey. Most popular for gaming inspired headwear, the shop has proudly supplied a variety of fleece hats and toys for over two years. The overall goal is to make entertaining items for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

For those of you who remembered the 24HR Mega Man Marathon back in February, The Roadstown Crafts provided us with a Mega Man fleece helmet that we wore for the duration of the marathon. This time, they will be providing  a Mega Man X styled fleece helmet! It looks great in the photo and even more amazing on my head! Haha.

And of course, just as last time, the fleece helmet will be given away for the Marathon Raffle!


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