DDR Storm XIV Updates – April 2014


Just your DDR Storm tournament organizer here wanting to give everyone an update on some things.

I want thank everyone for their interest in the first batch of DDR Storm T-Shirts. All 72 sold and I believe that everyone was happy with them! The 2nd batch will have already been purchased and we will have 100 in stock. More info to come on that soon as well as the unveiling of the design.

The schedule of events and room layout will be released very soon as we are finalizing things. Once they are released, you will find them on this page as well as through the Storm Unity Twitter (@StormUnity) and Facebook (

All right, now time to get serious.

There was a huge blowup last week in regards to the removal of “bass 2 bass” from the ITG Lower Division songpack. In response, the song was removed along with “Mysterious Time”. This was a mistake and should have never happened. Apparently, it was said that EVERYONE disliked the song. Well, upon speaking with 25-30 people potentially entering ITG Lower Division, it seems that only 7 people had negative comments towards it. With that said, if this was a democracy, it should’ve never been removed. But that has nothing to do with it.

The entire song list was finalized and released as a long period of time was dedicated to compiling this list. Therefore, I will be adding both songs back into the pack. Being a concern, “bass 2 bass” will be resynced before being added back in.

Since Steven Lo has tons of things on his plate right now, I’ve relieved him of ITG organizing duties until May so he can focus on his classes. If you have any issues/questions/comments/suggestions/complaints in regards to anything ITG related, please contact ME.

Being the Fort Rapids is no longer happening, I know that many within the dance game community wants DDR Storm to potentially be the new location of a ‘national tournament’. At the same time, these individuals want DDR Storm to be on the same level as Fort Rapids was. But I refuse to let ANYONE push people around within the Florida community just because they feel like certain things about DDR Storm are not ‘up to par’.

I believe in fairness. I believe in doing what’s right. I believe in communities having a say in what is wrong/right, good/bad in ANY tournament setting whether it’s DDR, fighting games, Mario Kart, whatever. But the constant disrespect towards others within the community, I do not condone that, nor will I just ignore it. I’m not afraid of standing up for anyone from the DDR Storm community. Honestly, I think some people are getting turned off by these disrespectful attitudes. There’s nothing I can do control the way that people are.
But this is not what I want DDR Storm to be.

DDR Storm was always about the fun, the excitement, the experience, the friendships, etc. This is what I care about the most. The one thing that I definitely guarantee is that when you come to this event, if you are into rhythm games and let down your personal bubbles and social walls, you will have a blast. This is what we do.

At the same time, we do take our tournament events seriously, as we want them to be completely fair. If you have ANY concerns about this tournament, please contact ME through facebook messaging, e-mail, text, phone, etc. I will take you seriously and I will address it.

We are definitely not a PERFECT tournament, but I’ll settle for being GREAT. And I won’t even blame the pad for it.

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