SUP #8 – Bump and Dump

This episode, we change things up a little by introducing a new segment called Bump & Dump! We bump up good things. We dump on bad things. Simple as that! Check it out and provide us some feedback!


New Fatal Frame for Wii U… in Japan
Playstation 4 Targeting Previous Wii owners?
Nintendo to have a large presence at San Diego Comic Con
The Famicom is 31 Years Old
The Destiny Beta has begun!
Microsoft shutting down Xbox Entertainment Studios
EVO 2014 Fighting Game Tournament Results
Quakecon is This Weekend
Exclusive Doom 4 Preview shown at Quakecon
New Smash Bros characters announced!

Bump & Dump:

BUMP – Hearthstone is awesome!
DUMP – 2014 Club Nintendo Elite Prizes
BUMP – Buy 2 Get 1 Free Wii & DS games at Gamestop
BUMP – The 8 Worst Special Items in Mario Kart 8
DUMP – Nintendo Should Sell Wii U at Tablet Killer?

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