SUP #9 – Untitled

As you can see, this episode is Untitled. We didn’t have a topic this week as our headlines were stretched to the hour mark, thanks to our wonderful and humorous guest, Gareth Bafaty! Come and listen to our ramblings about gaming, diarrhea, and our butts of the week!

Currently Playing:

Gareth – Spelunky, Destiny Beta
Tyger – Destiny Beta
BigfootKevin – Quake Live


New Humble Bundle from Square Enix
PlayStation Play Summer Promo
New Silent Scope: Bone Eater in Japanese Arcades
Sony Settlement from 2011 Hack
Crash Bandicoot to Possibly Return
Super Smash Flash 2
Wii U adds System-to-System Transfers
Sonic Boom release dates
Nintendo at San Diego Comic Con this Weekend

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