SUP #16 – Addicted to Gaming

After our first week-long break, we’re back! Actually, we recorded last week and… Kevin’s mic wasn’t on for 75% of the recording. So, we gave ourselves a week off to learn some skills and improve our audio quality! We have now returned with amazing, high quality sound to speak to you about the tons of Smash Bros news provided within the last week, our opinions regarding gaming addiction, and Kevin’s latest editorial about what you may or may not care about.

Currently Playing:

Tyger – Super Mario Galaxy
Lynnsey – The Last of Us
Kevin – Attack of the Friday Monsters, Starship Damrey, Diablo 3


Super Smash Bros sells a Million in Japan in 2 Days
Super Smash Bros Banning Players Online using Peach Accidentally
3DS Can Be Used as a Controller for Wii U on Smash Bros
Super Smash Bros Given Release Date of 11/21/14 – RUMOR
3DS Circle Pad Breaking for Many Smash Bros Players
Super Smash Club started in Canada
Mega Man 7 Released for Wii U
SteamWorld Heist Announced for Spring 2015 Release
F-Zero Like Racer called Fast Racing Neo for Wii U
Ultimate NES Remix releasing on December 5 on 3DS
Destiny Came Out…
Watch Dogs Releasing to Wii U on November 18
Final Fantasy Typing RPG Game to be Released in Japan
Consumer Ready Oculus Rift to be Released in Summer 2015
Microsoft Buys Mojang, makers of Minecraft for $2.5 Billion

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