SUP #17 – Unreleased

Coincidentally, the title of this episode represents what almost happened to this recording! Join Tyger, Kevin, Lynnsey and special guest, Corey, as they journey into the realm of unreleased, unannounced, and cancelled video games. We also speak of more current events, games released this week, and more things you should care about!

Currently Playing
Tyger – Stealth Inc, Brave Frontier
Lynnsey – Tales of Xillia
Kevin – Diablo III (still…)
Corey – Destiny, Theatrhythm: Curtain Call

New 2DS in Europe with new Pokemon releases
Animal Crossing characters in new Monster Hunter 4
New DLC Kart unveiled for Mario Kart 8
Gap between Wii and Wii U Consoles – 25 Million
Nintendo Celebrates 125th Anniversary
New Omega Mode DLC release from Street Fighter IV
Bayonetta Comparison between Wii U, Xbox 360 & PS3
Fanmade Mother 4 Nearing Completion
Playstation TV releasing on October 14
Oculus new prorotype called ‘Crescent Bay’
Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay revealed at Tokyo Game Show
Five Final Fantasy spinoff games revealed at TGS
New cloud-gaming service from Square Enix called ‘Shinra Technolgies’
Blizzard cancels MMO-project in development for 7 Years
Special Look at cancelled Wii game: Super Mario Spikers

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