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Final Fantasy Creator, Sakaguchi, Goes Mobile with ‘Terra Battle’

After playing Terra Battle, I can’t even bear to pickup any other mobile RPG without the same type of polish as this game has. The music, the characters, sounds & lighting effects, and the tactical gameplay. It is beautiful and amazing!

This game was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi. You may remember him as the creator of the original Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger. Since 2004, he has created his own gaming studio called Mistwalker, which has been responsible for games like Blue Dragon, The Last Story and Lost Odyssey.

With an all-star team of old-school RPG veterans like composer Nobuo Uematsu and artist Yoshitaka Amano, this game has been released with a Kickstarter-like goal called the ‘Download Starter’. With every 100,000 downloads, there will be new updates with Terra Battle such as new characters, new music tracks, a release of physical figurines, an artbook, and more. The final goal of 2 million downloads will initiate the release of ‘Terra Battle World’ to be a brand-new RPG release coming to home consoles!

If that isn’t motivation enough to download a free RPG game from Sakaguchi, you are in the wrong genre. You can download this game to your mobile device with iOS or Android. For more info on the game or the ‘Download Starter’, visit their website:



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