SUP #18 – Collectors Edition

If you are video game collector, this episode is for you! Tyger shares some tips about some websites that can help you make your purchases for those hard-to-get video games. Hope your wallet is ready for this one! 🙂

Currently Playing:
Tyger – Half Minute Hero, Mighty No. 9
Lynnsey – Hyrule Warriors, Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star
Kevin – Diablo III (c’monnnn…)


New Hyrule Warriors DLC Incoming
Fans are Remaking Ocarina of Time in 2D

Koei Tecmo Confirms Fatal Frame Wii U as Japan Only?
Happy 18th Birthday, Nintendo 64
New Wii U Update Brings Folder and New UI
Playstation Home Closing Doors in 2015
Lack of Circle Pad Pro Use in Smash Bros Explained
Tetris Movie in the Works
Pokemon TCG Launched on iPad
Australia Receives Release Date for New 3DS


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