SUP #20 – Mobile Gaming

How does the phrase ‘Mobile Gaming’ make you feel? We discuss the games we enjoy¬†on mobile platforms while exploring what the future holds. Will home consoles die out while mobile platforms rise to the top? Will mobile gaming specs ever be is good as current-gen gaming? Come find out what we think!

Currently Playing:
Gareth – Diablo III (PS4), WWE Supercard
Kevin – Diablo III (PC)
Lynnsey – The Evil Within
Tyger – Terra Battle

Nintendo eShop Starting Pre-Orders 
Tetris Ultimate Priced Lower on eShop than Physical
Captain Toad Plushes Available for Sale
Monster Hunter 4 Contains Mega Man Costume
Xeodrifter Trailer Released by Renegade Kid: The Next Metroid?
New 3DS Stylus to be Used to Add/Remove Faceplates
Super Smash Bros Wii U Releasing on 11/21/14
Gamestop Releases Store Credit Card
Playstation Now Open Beta Starts on PS TV and Vita

Open World Flight Available in New Pokemon Game
New Upcoming Puzzle Fighting Game from Capcom
Nidhogg Releasing to PS4 and Vita
Nintendo Sponsoring Indie Game Exhibit in Seattle
Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit with Grand Theft Auto V
Gamecube Controllers for Wii U Works w/ Smash Bros Only
Buy This Video Game Collection for $164,000

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