SUP #51 – Disappointment

It’s natural in the world of media to be faced with disappointment. It’s no different in the realm of video games. We talk about the games that we looked forward to and was let down only to come face-to-face with disappointment. We also speak of what games show a potential for disappointment as their release date gets closer. But not before we take it back old-school style with Currently Playing and Headlines!

Currently Playing
Lynnsey – Splatoon, Fallout Shelter
Kevin – Splatoon
Tyger – Splatoon, Final Fantasy Record Keeper
Corey – Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Destiny

CEO 2015 is This Weekend!
Unreleased Splatoon Maps & Weapons Leaked from Dataminer
Nintendo Approached Burnout Studio, Criteron to Create F-Zero
Kotaku Interviews Nintendo of America CEO
Gamestop Selling Retro Games

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