SUP #58 – I Seek You

Excuse the 1990s messenger reference…

Movin on up in the numbers, we have reached Episode 58! On this show, we are joined by local Super Smash Bros tournament host, Mark Ronan. His presence made for very insightful podcast with his randomly-created segment, Question Time. Lynnsey also joins in with her newly created debut segment, Story Time! We obviously need to be more creative with segment titles. In any case, this episode is very enjoyable and we hope you like it!

Also, leave us some feedback on our show by sending us an e-mail to feedback@stormunity.com. A random person will be selected to win a brand new Sony Playstation TV (the console, not a TV, sorry!). Let us know you are listening and drop us a line!

Currently Playing
Tyger – Splatoon, Rhythm Heaven, Final Fantasy Record Keeper
Lynnsey – Splatoon, Farming Simulator 14, Agar.io
Kevin – Splatoon
Mark – Pokemon Crystal Version, Super Smash Bros

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