SUP #59 – Snakes on a Game

I’ve had it with these motherf****** snakes on this motherf****** game! At least, that’s the way Tyger felt after the Metal Gear story was explaine

We’re back with two additional segments this week! Kevin will be sharing his random game ideas in his Game Ideas segment (title pending). Corey planned on sharing his experiences through Corey’s Oral Journey through the Final Fantasy series, but his plan was changed as he basically gave a brief rundown of the Metal Gear timeline. Along with the usual TLDR Headlines and Currently Playing segment, there’s plenty of entertainment in this one!

Also, congratulations to Link Flores for winning a Playstation TV. He submitted some feedback that we happily read on the air. Would you like to win a Playstation TV? Easy. Just submit some feedback to us about our podcast at feedback@stormunity.com. A randomly selected person will win on our next episode!

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