SUP #62 – In Da House!

This episode marks the first time that we have had all of us in the same room (except Corey since he skipped out!). This made editing a BREEZE. Tyger was especially happy about that. But anyway, we take this episode to talk a little about the Pikmin 4 announcement, Notch’s one-day depression, Gamestop’s involvement with ThinkGeek.com, how digital games saved PC gaming, the future of Steam Machines, and upcoming releases!

Note: Tyger made in error on the cost of Steam Machines. The official Steam Machine release on November 10th and will retail between $449-749.

Currently Playing
Tyger – Splatoon, Super Mario 3D Land, Goat Simulator
Lynnsey – Splatoon, Fallout Shelter
Kevin – Splatoon, Axiom Verge

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