SUP #65 – Brought Forth Upon the Console

Welcome back to the Storm Unity Podcast world! If you didn’t hear from last episode, we are now officially a Nintendo Podcast! Since Nintendo is what we are most passionate about (well, most of us lol), we decided to go all-in on bringing you Nintendo-focused content. You may hear us talk about other console games as well, but Nintendo will be our main focus.

We are on episode 65 and still moving strong. In this episode, we continue with current events on the TLDR Headlines. We also discuss some retail sales and upcoming releases on our Marketplace segment. We continue on with Kevin’s new segment where questions are asked to him in which he provides his valuable insight on Ask Kevin. And finally, we close the podcast out with our next game selection to be part of the SUP All Stars!

(So the beginning as some unrelated chat among us, just… ignore that, lol)

Currently Playing
Kevin – Splatoon, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Lynnsey – Splatoon, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Corey – Destiny: The Taken King, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Rock Band 4
Tyger – Rock Band 4, Splatoon, DIsney Tsum Tsum

SUP All Stars Selection
Super Metroid – Super Nintendo

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