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It has been 13 years since my very first event in January 2003. Since then, I’ve hosted 16 official DDR Storm events, 5 Project Storm events, 3 Tag Team Tournament events, and many other small dance game functions in between. It has been an ABSOLUTE pleasure hosting these events throughout the years and watching the community grow from childhood to adulthood. I’ve made so many friends in the community and I really believe my social life really moved forward ever since the first day I played DDR. So, with that said, I want everyone to know that DDR Storm is a very important event for me and I really want it to continue to be a part of what I do.

I need to be honest with everyone in that I did not want DDR Storm to be in the National Dance Game Tournament spotlight. When the baton was passed from Fort Rapids to DDR Storm, I wasn’t too excited about it. If anything, I was excited that for once, we could have an event that brings everyone together around the world to share their love for dance games… but Storm was always more than just a tournament. It still is. But for me, the level of which the focus of DDR Storm being a tournament has risen to levels as to where I have almost completely lost interest.

I’ve spoke with a few in the community and have fiddled with various options regarding how to move forward. Out of these options, I’ve made a decision and I’m a bit nervous about how the community will react, but I will not be happy with continuing Storm unless some changes are made.

Starting with the next Storm event, I will be putting less focus on tournaments and more focus on the casual side of things such as freeplay arcade games, freeplay console games, multiple vendors and special events/panels of interest (Mario Party IRL? DDR Trivia? Pun Tournament?).

With that said, if dance game tournaments are still to exist in their current form, I will need volunteers from the community to step forward and take charge in handling those events separately. Steven Lo is stepping down from the lead tournament organizing role, so let me know if you would like to step in and take that role.

If you went to DDR Storm this year, that room is also connected to two other rooms of similar size. The idea is to obtain those rooms as well to have more video games, more vendors, and more fun events.

So, one more change that may be difficult. To host the event in the same hotel, they are asking me to push the event to early August when the beach is NOT as busy. That timeframe works for me, but I can understand if this date change can make things difficult for others. It’s the only way I can stay in that hotel unless I specifically pay double the amount or sell out the hotel (which I don’t envision).

As far as costs are concerned, I feel that entry fees would be similar to this year (around $30-40 for a weekend pass) based on current estimates of expenses and potential revenue. I don’t imagine going any higher than that.

With all this said, it is now your turn to let me know what you think with your feedback. Does this excite you? Does this disappoint you? Is the future of Storm doomed? Are you now a definite for the next Storm? Are you never coming to Storm again? Any feedback is appreciated and will help with my final decisions in the coming weeks.

Thank you all so much for your support and I hope to have my vision come to life within the next year one way or another. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Attention: DDR Storm Community

  1. Less focus on tournaments is cool. We’ll find people that want to run them parallel to the other panels amd events you’re looking to add. As for the date change, it’s Florida, the beach will still be desirable even in late August. Should you cement a date in that range I’d be down to attend. This is enough notice to plan accordingly.

    If you wanna pick my brain for anything else. Lemme know.

  2. Sounds like you’re gunning to make this a dance game convention, which is great. I can’t wait, even if the focus isn’t on tournaments any more I will attend if it’s fun. Good luck in the planning phase!

  3. I love this new direction. For me that is what made the Project Storms the best, and honestly this past Storm Lauren and I barely even went in the room since it was mostly tournaments and ended up mostly doing group stuff in our hotel room. Looking forward to next August, jeep up the good work Tyger!

  4. This was my first year at Storm. I kind of like the new concept, especially being someone that doesn’t compete but loves to spend time with the community I know and meeting new players. Either way this goes, I’m so down to come down to Florida.

  5. A few dates for consideration: In early August there’s Metrocon (in FL, 8/3) and Otakon (large East Coast anime con, 8/11), so it may be a good idea to avoid those weekends if you’d like to catch both vendors and attendees that overlap with a more casual gaming/con crowd. Supercon is 7/27, also in Florida. As a vendor in FL, we are planning on attending those three events — and we would also be interested in coming to Storm if dates don’t conflict. We have a dedicab that we could bring if it’ll fit in the trailer, and many Japanese console setups — everything but TVs and (most) controllers.

  6. Josh, with our kids at a reasonable age and a sitter, Darrin and I can definitely support creating another Mario party IRL, storm achievement board (another idea to talk to you about), fortune street team tournament, and whatever side projects you need for us (well really more me than darrin) to entertain folks that aren’t as into competing in the dance games at storm.

  7. I’m always willing to help with running tournaments (Pump specifically). I can continue to provide some small amount of streaming equipment as I’ve done in the past. You do a great service for everyone and I will be there in August once more.

  8. Ill go no matter what but i want to see a Rock Band setup next event that does not interfere soundwise with the ddr setup.

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