DDR Storm: Sweet 16 Results!

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Here are your final results for DDR Storm: Sweet 16. If you find anything incorrect, please let me know and I will make the change. In the Groove Lower (58) – Top 24 Challonge Bracket 1. Matt Magdon 2. Ryan Konkul 3. Chris Chike 4. Alex Scapansky 5. Paul Sadowski 5. Mason Hester 7. Max McColly 7. Zack Maitland […]

SUP #63 – Learning to Talk

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After a two week break, we are back and in the middle of trying to learn to stop saying ‘uh’ and ‘um’ so much. So, Kevin was designated as our verbal police officer to kindly let us know when we violated the rule. This simple task made for a very fun podcast! We talked about […]

SUP #62 – In Da House!

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This episode marks the first time that we have had all of us in the same room (except Corey since he skipped out!). This made editing a BREEZE. Tyger was especially happy about that. But anyway, we take this episode to talk a little about the Pikmin 4 announcement, Notch’s one-day depression, Gamestop’s involvement with […]

SUP #61 – PAX to the MAX!

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So, this episode is a bit later than usual, but it was because we all needed a big rest from all the excitement we had from PAX Prime 2015! Well, except Kevin, he stayed home. We take this episode to share our experiences from Seattle, Washington. Lots of games were played. Some prizes were won. Much […]

SUP #60 – Are You Squidding Me?

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For the first time ever, Corey has actually played Splatoon! So we decided to dedicate a majority of this episode specifically about Splatoon, so we can finally get everything out of our system about the game! Not before we talk about a current worry about the Nintendo NX possibly being a digital-only console. Oh, and […]

SUP #59 – Snakes on a Game

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I’ve had it with these motherf****** snakes on this motherf****** game! At least, that’s the way Tyger felt after the Metal Gear story was explaine We’re back with two additional segments this week! Kevin will be sharing his random game ideas in his Game Ideas segment (title pending). Corey planned on sharing his experiences through […]

SUP #58 – I Seek You

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Excuse the 1990s messenger reference… Movin on up in the numbers, we have reached Episode 58! On this show, we are joined by local Super Smash Bros tournament host, Mark Ronan. His presence made for very insightful podcast with his randomly-created segment, Question Time. Lynnsey also joins in with her newly created debut segment, Story […]