SUP #57 – Options Are Nice

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We’re Back! But this isn’t a Dinosaur Story!  We have more video games to talk to you about! For this episode, we break it down with another version of TLDR Headlines, Splatoon August update discussion, current games we’ve been playing, and a brief preview of what has been discussed so far at Gamescom 2015 in […]

SUP #56 – Acronyms Galore!

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This week on the podcast, we talk a little about our experiences at the GAAM Show in Jacksonville, FL this past weekend. It was an amazing time with friends, video games, and FREE BEER! Also, we talk a little about what we’ve seen so far on Summer Games Done Quick 2015 (#SGDQ2015), which is a […]

SUP #55 – Without Further Adieu

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This week, we have a brand new segment called TL;DR Headlines! We love the headlines portion, but sometimes, it can get a bit too long-winded. So we shortened it. And we like it that way! We also take the time to discuss EVO 2015, the world’s largest fighting game tournament, an odd flash game called […]

SUP #54 – Tribute to Iwata

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This week, we are dedicating Episode 54 to the remembrance of Satoru Iwata, who passed away on July 11, 2015. He was the President and CEO of Nintendo. Nintendo fans around the world were shocked when the news was announced and it has been a pretty sad week through gaming websites, social media, and Miiverse. Tons […]

SUP #53 – The Best GAAM Show Period

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We back with some more video game talk! We all have actually played something other than Splatoon this week! Also, Ryan Thompson of GAAM is back with us to discuss his upcoming GAAMvengers show in Jacksonville coming up on July 25, 2015. There will be lots of video games, game-inspired art, cosplay, performances and more. You […]

SUP #52 – eSports (Special Guest: Andy457)

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This week on the podcast, we have special guest Andrew Cook (Andy457) on the show. Corey decided to take a break for some guy named Mike, and apparently he’s made of MAGIC. Anyway, we have decided to hit up the topic of eSports!If you don’t know what eSports is, it’s short for Electronic Sports. It’s […]

SUP #51 – Disappointment

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It’s natural in the world of media to be faced with disappointment. It’s no different in the realm of video games. We talk about the games that we looked forward to and was let down only to come face-to-face with disappointment. We also speak of what games show a potential for disappointment as their release […]

SUP #50 – E3 2015!

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Welcome to the 50th episode of the Storm Unity Podcast! If somehow you didn’t know, E3 was this week and we talk about all of the major conferences that took place, what games were announced, and our many disappointments and hurrahs during the show! So what company had the best conference? What games are we […]

DDR Storm XV Results

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Here are your final results for DDR Storm XV. If you find anything incorrect, please let me know and I will make the change. DDR Extreme Nonstop Random Caprice (49) – Challonge Bracket 1. Chris Chike (iamchris4life) 2. Kevin Boddy (MMX) 3. Spencer 4. Matt Magdon (Lil Matt) 5. David Seltzer (EvilDave) 5. Carlos Sanabria (ManiacStepper) 7. Jim Olivola (Jimbo) 7. […]

SUP #48 – So Much Nintendo

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Wow, so much Nintendo news spewing everywhere! Guess it didn’t help that we all spent this weekend in Miami for the Nintendo World Championship! We also played some Splatoon in our hotel room. Oh, and did you know there was recently a micro-sized Nintendo Direct? Oh and before all that happened, Amiibogeddon took place on […]