SUP #47 – It’s a Thing!

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And once again, after an unscheduled week off, we’re back with another podcast episode! It’s supposed to be a thing we do every week! Right? This week, we revisit the Currently Playing segment but attempt to limit everyone to 5 minutes. That doesn’t go very well. Then we talk a little about DDR Storm XV […]


SUP #46 – Non-Issues

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On this week’s episode, Corey Losey (@coreylosey) joins the usual gang as we talk about our experiences from the Splatoon Global Testfire, new Kickstarter games Yooka-Laylee & Bloodstained, and the newly announced Nintendo World Championship 2015! Tyger talks about how Nintendo fans don’t care about New IPs and the gamepad camera is never utilized. Kevin rants as […]


SUP #45 – Get to Know the CEO

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And we’re back with episode #45! Our special guest this week is Alex Jebailey, host of the annual CEO Fighting Game Tournament and PR & Community Manager for Iron Galaxy Studios. We chat along with him discussing the start and growth of CEO, his role and responsibilities at Iron Galaxy, how he became a character […]


SUP #44 – Smash and Bash

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We are happy to have a weekly streak going again! Join us this week with special guest,  Keith Kelly (GameDragonX), as we talk about his thoughts on Super Smash Bros games, his tournament skills, his role in the Smash Bros Community, and the implementation of custom moves at EVO 2015. First, we talk about the brand new […]

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SUP #43 – We Love GAAM!

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We have a very special guest for you this week. Meet Ryan Thompson, founder of GAAM (Games Art & Music). GAAM is a gaming-influenced organization in Jacksonville, FL with a mission to bring the community together through our love of video games, art, and music. We speak to Ryan about the history of GAAM, the goals […]


SUP #42 – Welcome Back

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After a 2-week hiatus, we are back! We’ve had some bad luck with recordings for the past 2 weeks. But, we do not give up THAT easy! Join us for more video game talk. We speak of some of the current games we are playing and some very awesome Nintendo news, which I will list conveniently […]


SUP #41 – Sports Talk

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Don’t runaway yet! We know the word “sports” with certain gamer circles tend to be a deterrent, but we have a fun episode for you this week! We’ve went back to our old style and talk about games we are currently playing, talk about some headlines, and what’s going on in the marketplace. Our main […]


SUP #40 – Party Games!

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We’re back after an accidental week-long hiatus which we explain within this episode. Join as we talk about some of our favorite party games we’ve played in our lifetime. This is all in celebration of the release of Mario Party 10 this Friday! And as an added bonus, we decided to leave some of our pre-podcast […]