T³ Version 1 Results

T³ Version 1 Results
1st – Team Crazy Strong Eagle SpongeBox / Crazed, Strongbad, Eagleboy, Spongebob, BoxMod
2nd – Team Bigfoot  / Bigfoot, Cboyz, Discoman, Soxx, Snake Eyes
3rd – Team Lick It / Shane Dono, Miss Blue, Nygma, Will, Spongeboy
4th – DDR Gators  / Ming, p@, Cavin, Grande Bob, Choda
5th – Team Cardboard Voltron / Care Bears, CB – Satanicus, Dijit, Big B, Doug & Ross

“This is the coolest tourney I’ve ever heard of. Seriously.”
“That tournament was godlike”
“It was much fun”
“That was fun”
“one of the best and funnest tournies”
“Fantastically fun tournament and anyone that says otherwise is an idiot”
“Yeah, it was definitely a kick buttocks tourney. It needs to happen again.”
“This tourney was one of a kind”
“I really enjoyed myself at this tournament”
“Mad props, you’re god of tournaments”
“Thank yous to Tyger for making the BEST tournament ever”

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